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Hey there, I’m Elicia. I photograph weddings for a living and consider it a wonderful life. I bring a laid-back and artful approach to the weddings I shoot, capturing things as naturally as they happen.

I guess if I had to tell you only one thing about myself, I would tell you that my love for cats is next level. I’m kidding, but I’m not.


^Her name is Luna but she’ll answer to anything as long as you’re near her food bowl. She really likes to eat.

Headshot courtesy of Catalina Jean


I believe your wedding photos should unfold like a well-told story, rich with images that allow you to relive your wedding day; a feeling you can’t recreate with a series of standard, posed images.

Let’s eliminate some of the cheesiness we often associate with wedding photography. Let’s not prop your wedding rings perfectly on a leaf or hang your wedding dress in a tree just for a pretty picture. Instead, I’m interested in keeping the focus on the people and relationships that surround you on the day. Sure, I’ll photograph the details, too. You worked hard on them.

But in 20 years when the details are outdated, you’re probably going to want to remember your grandpa gettin’ down on the dance floor way more than you’ll care about what the table centerpieces looked like. That’s why I have a people-first approach to wedding photography. People, relationships and in-between moments first. Details second.

  When it comes to portraits, every couple is different, and I want to photograph each one with the individuality it deserves. For this reason, among others, I won’t put you in stiff poses that look nothing like the way you normally hang out together. Just worry (or don’t worry) about having fun with your partner and I’m going to make some really great images of it, if you’ll let me. And then we’ll get you back to your party asap, because your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot (unless you want it to be, because I’m totally down for that, too!)

Let’s keep the process happy and fun.

If that sounds like something you connect with, get in touch!
I’d love to work with you.



Travel inspires me and I’m lucky that my photography keeps me traveling all over the world. While I’m based in Atlanta and Asheville, I’ve enjoyed shooting weddings all over the U.S. and a few in Europe. Please get in touch if you’re having a destination wedding or a backyard wedding somewhere that isn’t local to me. Getting me there costs less than you might think, and you’ll always know exactly how much before you book.


April            Philadelphia
July              France & Italy
Sept             Scotland
Sept             Asheville
Oct               Utah
Oct               Nevada
Oct               California


March        Chicago
April           New Orleans
May            Asheville
Oct              California


My portfolio shows a lot of different wedding locations but I love all kinds of weddings as long as they include happy people, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re in Georgia, North Carolina or nearby. Just because your wedding isn’t happening on a cliffside doesn’t make it any less epic, and backyard weddings are my jam. Plus, I think It’s pretty cool when I can hang out with my husband (and my cat) at the end of a wedding day.